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Post 38 Honor Guard

Flag Retirement

For God and Country

Retiring unserviceable US Flags:

The United States Flag is deemed unserviceable when it becomes tattered, frayed, ripped, and or faded.  This happens during normal use especially if flag is displayed outside in the elements.  Disposing of an unserviceable flag into garbage is the incorrect way to discard the Flag of the United States. It is disrespectful to discard the US Flag in this manner. The correct way to dispose of an unserviceable US Flag is to drop off at a local American Legion Post for disposal. 

The Honor Guard of Post 38 offers proper US Flag disposal services.  We have a drop off bin on back patio to Post for any unserviceable US Flag. We routinely take those flags and properly dispose of them with the correct and prescribed method of disposing of the United States Flag.  We set up a burn barrel outside on Post property. Members of the Honor Guard say a prayer and Pledge of Allegiance prior to flag disposal.  Each Flag is individually saluted by Honor Guard Members and respectfully placed into the burn barrel for disposal.

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